Buying A Villa In Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai – Which Is The Better Destination?

Have you been lately thinking of buying a property in Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai? If so, you must be a luxury lover who wants to enjoy a full lifestyle in one of these two big cities. Purchasing a property at any location needs much thought because money is not wasted thoughtlessly.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two big cities of the same country; still, you will be surprised to find multiple differences making a person decide which one is better when buying a villa in Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai. These cities have their significance from the tourism and real estate point of view.

This article brings about some of the minor and major differences between Abu Dhabi and Dubai to help you decide better between the two.

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 Real Estate Market In Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai?

Knowing about the real estate market of an area before you decide to purchase any property is a crucial thing before purchasing the property is not enough. You must be aware of the past and current trends to know the future value of your property if you decide to sell it.

The shift in oil prices had greatly affected the property market in both countries by lowering the property prices. This has made people buy low-priced properties as much as possible with a thought of profit in the future. Yes, there is a chance that the value of property in these two countries will rise, benefiting those who purchased property during the low time. Buying a villa in Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai has always been a confusing question for investors worldwide because of the economical status of both.

Talking about international investors, purchasing a property in Dubai would be a great option because you will easily get a visa as a property investor in Dubai. At the same time, Abu Dhabi does not do so. That’s why it becomes difficult to buy a property in Abu Dhabi.

The real estate market in Dubai is much stronger than in Abu Dhabi. There are stronger rules and deeds for the purchase and sale of property there, making it feasible for the investors to safely purchase without worrying about fraud. Looking generally at which of the two cities are preferred internationally, you will be amazed to find that Dubai is the city where you can witness more international investors from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Arabs, European, and numerous others because of it being a greater hub of finances and also tourism is much developed and preferred in Dubai.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Villa in Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai

Not every person is an investor; many people want to shift to a new city or country to better life quality and greater career opportunities. Such people have no particular concern with the scenario of real estate; instead, they care about whether the place would be good to live in or not?

If you are also one of those people who are thinking of buying a property in Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai to make the place their homeland, then you must be seeking to know which one would be better to live in. There is no doubt that both of these cities bring out the best living outcomes, but of course, no two places can be equal even if they are part of the same country.

There is one thing that will help you in making a better decision, and that is the living cost in Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai. It’s because the times have changed since covid had hit us. Living a life with full luxuries has become a lot difficult, so you must decide on a place that serves to be affordable for you and your family.

Here is information about some of the important aspects of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

1.   Property Cost

The cost of property is different in both emirates, depending on different factors. You have the option to purchase an apartment or a villa; that all depends on you. Different areas will have different prices.

Whether you choose a low town area or a big town in Abu Dhabi or Dubai,  You will experience the cost of buying a property in Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai is less in Dubai while higher in Abu Dhabi. There could be multiple reasons behind this. One of them might be a greater property buying rate in Dubai, while a few people prefer Abu Dhabi, making it much more expensive.

Even if you just consider renting a single bedroom, You will have to pay 40 to 86k AED in Abu Dhabi while only 34 to 81 AED per year in Dubai.

2.   Quality Of Education

For families who have school-going children, the quality of education is a bigger factor. The quality of education in private schools of both the emirates is almost the same. The most common curriculum pattern followed in the two countries includes American, British, or India in some schools as many international people live there.

But talking about the tuition fees, Abu Dhabi is affordable as it offers schooling at affordable fees. However, Dubai will offer schooling at much higher rates. Still, depending on the schools you choose there are chances to find differences in both areas.

3.   Healthcare Facilities

Living in any area needs a focus on the healthcare facilities because human life is the crucial thing for everyone; therefore, living in an area that offers better healthcare facilities at better rates is necessary.

Both of these emirates require you to purchase health insurance for each family member to help you in bad times. Purchasing medical health insurance if you will be living for a longer period would be a preferred thing for you too.

The healthcare facilities are almost the same, with more or less similar expenditures in these emirates.

4.   Other Life Expenses

Talking about transportation, most residents prefer to own their cars whether you talk about Abu Dhabi or Dubai because there is no big difference between the fuel prices. Instead, owning your vehicle is preferable as compared to public transport.

Other life expenses like food and utility bills, there is not much difference between the two emirates, making both of them a preferable place to purchase a property for investment or living.

So What Do You Say?

Although Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE, Dubai also serves to be a better option from most perspectives whether you want to buy a property to invest in or you want to buy a villa to live with your family.

For those considering living in one of these two cities, you can decide equally between the two as they both offer more or less the same facilities and cost of living.

However, if you want to invest, then Dubai is better. The reasons behind this may seem to be unexplained, but people hope that in the coming years, Abu Dhabi will, too, be a better place to invest as the city is continuously growing. Being a capital, the chances for Abu Dhabi to soon become an attraction for common people and investors are high.

We hope that we have provided you with enough valuable information and till now you would have already made your mind about which place to choose.

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