Renting Dubai Apartments and Villas in 8 Simple Steps

Dubai is an enthusiastic city with an extraordinary preference for residential properties to hold its thriving population.

It is the destination where the worldly population is looking for worthwhile career openings and comfortable luxurious lifestyles. Thousands of people move to Dubai to swivel their dreams into reality. For this purpose, you need to look forward to renting Dubai apartments and villas.

Let’s dive deeper to brief the steps about rental properties like apartments, villas, and townhouses in Dubai.

8 Steps to Renting Dubai Apartments and Villas

If you are looking for a rental property in Dubai, make sure to go in the right direction to avoid future hurdles. Always follow proper steps that are required to proceed with rental property. Here we discuss the following.

1: Search Online Portals

You have first to check online and check a few websites, which are property finders like Penny Realtors. You can also check the Just Rental or Just Property, where you can see the property for renting in Dubai.

When you have gone through different portals, you can also see what the property is lowest in terms of rent. Some are newly listed, and many file listings are superior to others. Some come from premium search. Also, there are some filters that you can play with, which will help you find the right Dubai rental property.

These popular portals for Dubai real estate will greatly help you because you can custom search for your property here.

So while you start your process, there are a few points to consider.

  • You are looking for rent that you have already in your mind about your budget and location where you live.
  • You can browse on these portals, put on different filters with the number of bedrooms, and also see the specific view you look at there.
  • Size-wise you can see a small apartment, if you have a bigger one, or if you are interested in a balcony or terrace.

All these can be custom searched, greatly enhancing your online search result. So once you search, keep in mind what kind of property you are looking for, and it will become easy for you. Now you have chosen the property you like and want per your requirements.

2: Choose a RERA Registered Broker

The most important thing in Dubai is that you have “RERA” registered brokers. RERA stands for real estate regulatory agency. RERA has issued the specific license to the realistic brokers. So the person who is RERA registered will always be available to protect your rights, so always choose a RERA registered broker.

3: View a Property

When you have searched the portals and found a property you like in pictures and with the details online, you can arrange to visit a property. You will have to contact a  brokerage company or the specific broker you have seen online. Call them to arrange a viewing because it’s always good to see a property before booking.

4: Negotiate by Making an Offer

To go with the head to the next step, which will be to negotiate the rental amount. For that, you can speak to your landlord through your registered brokers. You can also place an offer with a security deposit cheque to show that you are interested and negotiated about it, and are moving in asap.

Moreover, you can also negotiate in terms of some benefits or perks you can get from the landlord. It could be a one-month free package, some discounts on the fees plus you can also negotiate in terms of several cheques. The criteria for renting Dubai apartments and villas are between two to four rental cheques over one year. So if you want to give your best offer or if you want to cut off the most on your rental amount negotiate,  give a one cheque offer that will give you the best price ever.

5: Get the Payment Breakdown Details

When you go through all these processes, now is the time to know exactly what you have to pay in terms of securing your apartment for rent. Ask for complete payment breakdown details from the registered broker. So ask him about everything to avoid any surprises later on. Because there are a couple of charges apart from the rental amount that you have to pay like connection charges, utilities, DEWA, chillers, gas like all these plus an agency fee is also incorporated.

Once you have seen all the details, chat, confirm, and negotiate the price, you must submit a security deposit. Which is a refundable security deposit in the landlord’s name to the brokerage company or the broker and signing the contract.

6: Sign the Tenancy Contract

Apart from that, you will also have to write the post-advent cheque. In case you are doing multiple numbers of cheques. You have to submit all these documents to the brokerage company.

Now some people are new to Dubai and have not got a chance to open a bank account, or your company makes your payment.

In that case, how can you present or give the cheques?

We normally have to request an indemnity letter.

For Example, I need to rent an apartment and don’t have a checkbook. I will request my friends, my brother, my parents, or anybody else with a checkbook here to write the cheque in the landlord’s name. However, he and I will also sign the indemnity letter called the third party letter. To give a security letter in case anything happens tomorrow, that person will take care of the cost of renting Dubai apartments and villas. So that is one way this person will lead your process if you don’t have a checkbook available.

7: Ejaari Registration

When the cheque is approved by the landlord and the landlord signs the contract, it moves toward you.

What do you have to do?

You must go to the Ejaari center and register your contract. Once you register your tenancy contract, it is called Ejaari. A fee for it is AED 170 plus approximately, which is paid by the tenants. It’s a very important step, and many people avoid it. It is your right to secure your future rights as a tenant. It is the contract between you, the landlord, and the Rera. Once you register with Ejaari then, you will have to be able to do the rest of the process, which will be connections and all.

8: DEWA Connections

When your Ejaari is registered, you will automatically receive an SMS on your mobile number for the connection of DEWA. While clicking on that link will connect with the DEWA website, you can register.

What Is DEWA?

DEWA is the Dubai electricity and water authority. With this connection, you can get these utilities by renting a property in Dubai apartments and villas. The landlords also get registered at DEWA. However, you, as tenants, will also need to be registered. The registration of DEWA’s normal fees is approximately AED 2130, which is a refundable security deposit. AED 2000 is returned to you when you leave the apartment.

However, approximately AED 130 is for DEWA. There are also maintenance charges added in the clues: minor maintenance charges, which are less than 500 DHS on tenants, and major maintenance charges, more than 500 DHS  on the landlord. It takes 24 hours to activate the supply after registration and payment of the security deposit.

Eligibility Criteria for Rental Property

First, you check the documents; either you have a visa pasted on your passport, or you have a visa application submitted, or If you have a valid emirates id means a valid residence visa. In that case,  you are eligible to rent a property already processed. But if you are on a visit visa, you cannot legally rent a long-term property in Dubai.

There is also a concept of short-term rental and long-term rental in Dubai. Anything above six months is considered a long-term rental; if you consider it below six months, it is short-term renting.

Few Things to Know Before Signing the Contract

You should know about it completely before you sign the contract.

  • Be Sure if Parking Included

The important thing in steps to know is what kind of parking you are getting?

Some buildings will give you covered parking; some buildings will give you an open parking space, and some buildings will not give parking. So in that case, you have to park in public parking. But it’s particularly difficult to locate parking in Dubai during the working day, and after work, it becomes immensely hard to find. So better to go with the property which has covered parking. Because it’s Dubai Obviously, most of the time it’s hot.

  • Ask for the Title Deed

Another way to check that you are getting parking with your apartment is to ask for the title deed. A title deed is a document proving the property’s ownership, and your parking number is mostly written on the title deed. So when you ask for the title deed from the broker, he will give it to you and see what parking is. It is in the basement or another place that will make your life easier.

  • Confirm Access to all Amenities

Ask about all amenities you will get with your property or with your renting in Dubai apartments and villas, whether there is a gym, a pool, or a steam sauna, everything that comes with the apartment.

Bottom Line

Dubai is a very luxurious metropolitan state in the UAE. Everyone wants to get a lavish lifestyle with a good opportunity. So if you are renting a Dubai apartment and villas, you have to follow some steps to get a good rental apartment as per your need. You can deal with brokerage companies which is very helpful in getting property in Dubai.

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